3 Tips That Can Help You Get Your Ex Back

Having someone that you love dearly walk away is one of the hardest things in life. Knowing that they are ready to move on with their life without you can hurt physically, emotionally and mentally. So, what if you're not ready to let that person go? What if you know that they are just going through a hard time and maybe just need a little space? Below, you will find a few tips that can help you. Now, you might not get your ex back, but you sure won't push them further away if you follow these tips.

Never, Ever Beg

When you're feeling heartbroken and vulnerable, the worst thing you can do is beg for their love. Not only is this going to open you up to even more pain, but it could very well push them away further. Instead of saying, "I love you so much, please come back to me," say, "I do love you and hope one day you feel the same." Now, don't be sending a message everyday telling him or her – just every now and then, send a short note so that they know that you're still thinking of them.

Don't Make Promises

You know the saying, "Promises are meant to be broken?" This saying came to be because so many people don't take promises seriously. If you promise that you will do this or that if he or she comes back to you, chances are, you will break that promise eventually and then you'll be back to square one. Instead, tell your ex that you can work to change the aspect of your life that he or she didn't like. So, if you constantly bring work home with you and you know that the work had invaded your time with your lover, you can say that you will limit the time you spend doing your work at home – only if you can actually do it.

Date or Not Date?

This is one difficult element to cover – do you start dating to begin moving on or do you not date in the hopes that you'll make it work? You should definitely give it some time before you go out on your first date. Sometimes, your ex may get jealous and want you back the minute you start seeing other people, but other times, it can cause him or her to move on faster. Just because he or she started dating, it doesn't mean that he or she is over you – it could just mean that they are lonely.

Take your time to process your thoughts – do you really want your ex back or do you just not want to be lonely or get back out in the dating world? Listen to your heart and your head.

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