Workplace Challenges That Disc Assessments Can Fix

Difficulties in your workplace can lead to trouble in a whole host of ways, but the biggest risk is that these difficulties will result in a loss of profitability. In many cases, such issues are completely preventable, and one way to get over them is to have your management team and perhaps even several of your key personnel take DiSC assessments. Armed with their results, these people will be able to make the necessary adjustments to improve the workplace dynamic and, ideally, keep the company running along healthily. Here are some workplace challenges that DiSC assessments can often fix:

People In The Wrong Positions

Sometimes, a workplace can face issues because its staff isn't in the ideal positions for their strengths. For example, your workplace might have an individual who ranks highly on the "D" part of his or her DiSC workplace profile, which stands for dominance. If this person isn't in a management position, he or she may boss around peers and have the peers begin to resent him or her. However, after checking the results of the DiSC assessment, it should be clear to you that this person is a natural leader. You can then consider giving him or her a promotion so that this attribute can be a strength in the workplace.

Individuality Instead Of Teamwork

Many workplaces can benefit from employees working together on projects, but this might not be the way your staff is set up. DiSC assessments can be valuable for identifying those who work well with others. Someone who ranks highly on the "i" section of the assessment, which stands for influence, is someone who wants to work closely with others and develop strong relationships while working toward a common goal. You might have an "i" person isolated and working on solo projects, but switching this person's job description to be more of a team member can make a difference.

Negative Interactions With Clients/Customers

Not every person is cut out to deal with clients and customers. Some people aren't able to stay calm and polite when a customer or client is upset, and this can lead to a situation that blows up — and perhaps costs you money. Through your DiSC assessments, you can ensure that those who work closely with clients and customers rank highly under the "S," component, which is steadiness. Those who excel in this area are known for their calm demeanor, which can be valuable when this person works in a customer or client service role.

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